Used Bentley – The Ultimate Fantasy Car?

In the office where I work, there is always a great deal of conversations regarding everybody’s favourite cars. A good proportion of the people asked retort with the more obvious answers such as “Ferrari 599”, “Porsche 911” or even the much clich├ęd “Bugatti Veyron” (just because it is the most powerful car ever made). However, one of the answers that I overheard was rather different to the others; somebody said “The Bentley Continental GT Coupe”. At first I thought this was rather an odd answer to the ultimate fantasy car question, but when I began to think about it more, the Bentley began to make more and more sense.

Let’s think about this logically. A fantasy car has to look absolutely stunning, have all the modern gadgets and be able to break 0-60 miles per hour time in 4 seconds or less. In every one of these boxes, the Bentley Continental GT Coupe can but a very big tick. So what more can you ask from it? In my opinion, very little.

I think that the crowning glory on this car being crowned as one of the ultimate fantasy cars on our roads has to be price, especially if you check the used car market for a model. Prestige car vale depreciation is phenomenally high compared to regular cars, so the value of a Bentley could be halved after only 20,000 – 30,000 miles on the clock.

So with this in mind, you could check the Used Bentley market and end up driving away a bargain for a lot less than the original retail price. I don’t think owning a fantasy car has ever been so achievable.