Used Bentley – A Rather Costly Used Car!

Some people would question the logic behind spending over £50,000 on a used car, but then again the used cars I am talking about aren’t just any normal cars. Prestige and luxury used vehicles are a arguably a cut above the models that you would normally see crowding a dealer’s forecourt, but the same concerns still apply regardless of the badge on the front of the vehicle.

These concerns include; how the car has been driven by the previous owner, is there a full service history and has it ever been involved in any kind of serious accident. So regardless of how much money you are spending, you do have to ask a lot of questions when you are searching for a used car.

The prestige used car market is awash with used Bentleys, Jaguars, Maseratis and all manner of cars that would reduce your average car fanatic into a drooling mess. Believe it or not these used models are a great deal cheaper than the equivalent new models regardless of mileage. This is due to prestige vehicle depreciation which makes the price of a luxury vehicle drop at an astonishing rate. This is because dealers find it harder to sell prestige cars as opposed to regular, more reasonably price cars.

One of the better second hand prestige cars available on the market at the moment happens to be Used Bentley models. Although the initial price tag may seem hefty, it is normally a vast reduction on the original price quoted by dealers.