Pedal Cars and Kids Tractors

Having been around for generations, pedal cars must be one of the most popular toys to stand the test of time. There have been lots of advancements with ride on toys but it is amazing how some of the pedal cars are the same as the ones that were popular over sixty years ago, there are not many products that could claim that lifespan, and still be going strong.

Many of the classic pedal car designs have become collectors’ items and there is a growing market for fully restored models and of course a demand for old pedal cars which have become prime targets for restorers. The popularity of the old styles has led to a growing market in the manufacture of retro styles of most types of pedal powered toys. The designs are not limited to the original little red pedal car, most vehicle types can be found from classic racing cars to fire engines and aeroplanes.

As the styles of full sized vehicles have evolved, so have their pedal car versions. Many of the modern prestige cars such as Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes are available so that junior can have a car like daddy, or a car like daddy dreams of having! The range is so extensive that practically anything on four wheels is represented by a pedal car, such as kids tractors of many shapes and sizes, go-karts, trucks, quad bikes, racing cars, trains and fire trucks.

For the tiny tots they can progress from their first ride on toy which they simply sit on and push with their feet, to their pedal powered car, truck or tractor. All ages are catered for and the toys help the children to develop their coordination skills and imagination as they enjoy fresh air and exercise, what could be better?

As we moved into the electronic age, a whole new range of ride on toys emerged to form a new segment in the prestige toy market. Vast ranges of battery powered ride on toys are now available for kids of most ages to power themselves around the garden, park or farm. Sons and daughters of farmers can now emulate their dads by driving a tractor around the property, complete with a trailer and loading accessories. Miniature versions of major brands such as John Deere can be seen parked alongside their full size versions with the kids helping mum and dad as they practice for when they will one day driving the real thing.

In some parts of the country large numbers of children have been seen driving their electric powered ride on toys to school, the parents probably have to walk! As well as kids’ tractors, many of the other pedal powered types are available with an electric motor, some also have two seats so that the driver can enjoy the ride with their friend or sibling. Typical of the two seat versions are Jeeps, Mustangs and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

For the big kids there are some really hi-tech looking go-karts and quad bikes with gas powered as well as battery powered options. This starts to get into some serious power for children over twelve years old with speeds of around forty miles per hour and engine sizes of 150cc. This can hardly be classed as a toy and all the necessary safety accessories and precautions need to be applied.

The world of ride on toys is certainly changing, it will be fascinating to see what develops over the next twenty years!

Prestige Car Hire – Hire a Super Car

With a car rental, you can drive a super car. When most people see a Ferrari, Lotus, or a Porsche on the road, few of them stop to consider that they could hire one of those cars. Most of us might never get to own one, but that doesn’t mean we should feel that driving one is beyond the limits of possibility.

Prestige car hire are made strictly to impress. Imagine hiring a Bentley for your wedding day or a Lamborghini on your graduation. You hire one of these cars because they garner attention. Impress a beautiful woman with a ride in a Ferrari, or an important business client with a pick up in a Rolls Royce.

Sports cars offer us the combination of speed, luxury, and safety. People often debate the difference between a sports car and a “sporting” car, for our purposes they are all prestige cars.

A prestige car is anything that can impress. We have already run through some so far, but others might be Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or a Range Rover. Any of these cars, and many others, have the inherit ability to pass as a status symbol.

There are many ways to find a prestige car hire. You can refer to the Yellow Pages, hotels, airports, auto enthusiasts, or you can look on the Internet. The Internet is probably your best source for finding where to hire a prestige car. You can sort your search in several ways. You can type in the name of the make or model auto that you are looking to hire. You can simply punch in “prestige car hire.” Either of these means should get you plenty of results. Next, sort your “hits” by the city you are in or the one you will be visiting. You should have accessibility to prestige cars at almost any population center, city, or urban area.

There was a time when finding a prestige car hire was a difficult thing, but not any longer. If you can dream of driving it, it is most likely that you can find it for hire.

Hiring these types of vehicles is going to cost you more than a practical car and van hire would. There will be extra insurance charges and additional fees. There will be age restrictions and, quite possibly, distance and destination restrictions, as well. Also, the mileage costs will be much higher. You will fill the car with fuel more often, as these prestige cars do not get high ratings for gas mileage.

Make sure to closely inspect the car before you drive away in it. You will be paying a very high excess (deductible) with this sort of hire and if it comes back with any dents or scratches, they will be your responsibility. Keep the car clean as well, or you will face an additional charge for the agency having to clean it.

Remember to have fun. A prestige car hire may be the only way you ever get to drive one of these cars in your life.

Audi Car Leasing Signifies Minimal Initial Outlay For A Prestige Car

At the present time lots of businesses prefer not to buy cars; especially during a credit crunch, that is why Audi car leasing is an attractive low price choice with a small first installment.

Audi vehicles are noted for their reliability, great looks and have excellent residual values which are just a few factors for making them a first-class option for contract hire. Audi have developed fantastic automobiles over the years, recognized for their reliability, performance and design which clients have grown to value.

When businesses see other companies turn up to their premises in an Audi it tells them they are dealing with professionals which makes a great first impression.

Some companies may lease the higher end Audi cars by way of contract purchase as this will leave them the option to hand the vehicle back at the end of the term or to buy the car outright by paying the balloon payment.

There are many reasons why traders prefer Audi car leasing to purchasing just a few are highlighted below.

Reliability makes Audi the ideal option for a company car with an abundance of models to choose from whether it be the small A1 or the luxurious A8. With Audi leasing consumers may replace their automobiles regularly, say every 2 to 3 years without the risk of depreciation while eliminating any car disposal problems.

Minimal first payment – A lot of companies are not always able to pay a large capital outlay, which is where Audi car leasing removes the problem since only a small initial deposit is usually required by the finance company.

Prestige low cost motoring – Audi contract hire gives customers the opportunity to run a prestige vehicle with a minimum deposit and the security of fixed cost motoring when taken with maintenance.

Customers who take the service / maintenance package can remove any worries regarding large service bills.

Contract hire agreements as a rule include road fund license which is another cost taken care of.

Vat registered companies can reclaim a part of the vat charged on their monthly contract hire payments.

Car savings – because the leasing organizations can recoup Vat on qualifying car purchases which lowers their capital cost, passing the benefit on to lower the consumers’ monthly payments.

Flexibility – consumers could have several choices at the end of the contract depending on the leasing contract, these include give the automobile back and start again with another car contract hire deal, request an extension on the current agreement or see whether the finance company is willing to sell the customer the car.

TAX benefits – A lot of the Audi cars have low CO2 emissions, which creates Tax savings for both business owners and their employees.

Online hassle free – with loads of web-based contract hire companies advertising thousands of car leasing special offers, a consumer can cut down admin time and locate a great contract hire deal without going to a dealers showroom.

Business and Personal contract hire are great finance solutions for Audi car leasing, allowing customers to obtain a luxury automobile within a reasonable monthly budget.

Prestige Car Insurance – Protection For Your Premium Car

There are a lot of people around the world who are quite passionate about super premium and luxury cars. These cars not only spell extreme comfort as well as exquisite styling, but are also a source of great social esteem and prestige. This is one of the reasons why cars like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Maserati and BMW to just name a few, are popularly classified as prestige cars, on account of the aura of prosperity and exclusivity that these cars exude. When it comes to insurance for these high value cars, run of the mill or normal insurance would not do as it would not be adequate to meet the high standards of discerning high net worth customers. It is understandable that an altogether separate category of car insurance has been carved out in the form of prestige car insurance, which has gained prevalence and widespread acceptance in the world of insurance products.

The basic requirement from prestige car insurance is not just insurance premiums as such. This is explained by the fact that those who can afford a Lincoln Continental or a Lamborghini would not be overly concerned with cost or budgetary considerations. With this category of customer, the primary concern would be absolute freedom from worry or hassles and the promise of superlative service that the car insurance provider must be able to guarantee. Some of the salient aspects of such high value insurance schemes include services on demand as well as round the clock online service options for the more net savvy customers. Part of the joy of such premium services is the knowledge that there are able customer service personnel on standby to take care of your needs. There are many service providers who have specially dedicated websites where one may browse available services as well as obtain quotes to these super premium services.

Prestige car insurance make available certain high value and convenient features that regular insurance can never make available. For one, such insurance packages make it possible for car owners to get comprehensive insurance in one go, without having to deal with multiple service providers. Again, if one’s car is out of action or is stolen, an alternative and similar car is made available till such time as the claim is settled. Coverage for legal expenses is way higher than regular car insurance and claims on audio and stereo is also substantial. Prestige car insurance also makes it possible for one to have a repairer of choice as well as superior service in the event of claims.