Used Bentley – A Great Used Prestige Car

In terms of buying prestige cars, there seems to be a completely different attitude to the used market than cars with less prominent badges. The buying public are generally slightly more wary of buying a used Nissan Micra as opposed to a Used Bentley. The obvious reason for this rather polar attitude change is one of quality. Prestige cars like Bentleys and their other luxurious cohorts are celebrated and exalted as triumphs of design and engineering, becoming much more than a runabout or a solution of how to get from A to B.

This is primarily because when you buy a prestige car what you are effectively doing is making an investment. Used prestige cars are not really meant for the daily commute down the motorway, or ideal for doing the weekly shop. They are to be treasured and only taken out for special events.
Although it may seem like an awful shame to see a wonderfully designed and engineered automobile spend the majority of its working life covered by a dustsheet in somebody’s garage, this is the role they are made for.
Let’s be honest about this; prestige cars are in no way practical. If you decided to use one to do the weekly shop or take the kids to school every day, then you would probably become very frustrated with the lack of manoeuvrability and the sheer cost of petrol.

If you are considering buying a used prestige car then I can recommend no car finer than the Used Bentley Continental GT Coupe, which will provide you with sporty, yet classy driving experiences.

Hiring the Car of Your Dreams – Luxury Car Rentals

Owing to the popularity of car rental services, driving a luxury car is no longer unimaginable for those who have monetary constraints. From Ferrari to Porsche, almost all types of luxury cars are now available on lease. As a result, the number of people lining up for hiring these prestige cars has also increased at a swift pace. For most people, hiring these luxury cars is like a dream come true. Most of these people hire cars on special occasions such as their wedding day, anniversary or graduation day. Hiring such luxury cars is also popular in the corporate world. Many firms are seen hiring these cars to pick up their clients from the airport.

A prestige car is perceived as the reflection of its owner’s aesthetic taste and sophistication. While there are many who have a particular fondness for elegant cars such as the BMW or Mercedes Benz, sports cars also command a long list of admirers. Leasing a car can help you to realize your dream of owning a luxury car. However, it is important to note that in comparison to a van or truck, hiring a prestige car can cost you several hundred dollars. Moreover, there are additional charges and insurance premiums that make these cars further expensive. You should also know that there are various distance restrictions that are commonly associated with these prestige cars.

These days, it has become quite easier for people to hire a prestige car of their choice by simply reverting to the yellow pages or web directories. You can search for a car of your choice by visiting some resourceful websites that contain information on all types of prestige cars. Before opting for the car operator, you should compare the costs and ascertain that you are making the best deal. By negotiating the price with your car operator, you can bring down the price to a considerable extent.

Water Power Cars – Is This a “Run Your Car on Water Hoax”?

Water power cars? Yes, with the cost of fuel going through the roof, drivers who are looking for a sensible alternative are now considering water powered cars.

But is this a cruel hoax? – or does the technology now exist to make water power cars a suburban reality?

That’s what we will examine in this short article.

To be candid, I don’t know how the “run your car on water hoax” people can carry on because there are already THOUSANDS of car owners who have successfully made the switch.


These happy chappies drive the whole range of vehicles, from compacts to family size cars to gas-guzzling 4WDs… from basic models up to prestige cars. And they are reporting gains of 25% to 35% in fuel efficiency. And more. Much more.

Here are some of the reported INCREASES in the miles per gallon performance of water-fueled car engines as compared to before they did the easy engine modifications:

* “82% increase in MPG”

* “from 27.87 MPG to 71.43 MPG!!!! (256%)”

* “Mileage gain 68%”

* “37% better mileage”

* “45 % better gas mileage”

* “boosted MPG by 107% (double mileage)”

* “I have doubled fuel economy (61 MPG) in my Toyota Corolla 1999”


Now don’t get me wrong.

Water cars don’t run on water alone. They run on gasoline (petrol) and water.
After minor modifications to your ordinary car engine, the water4gas technology allows standard model cars to also burn water… extracting the hydrogen in the process and feeding it into the engine to deliver more bang for every gallon of fuel. The result is… you save fuel.


>> You don’t have to get a new hybrid car (hybrid cars are very much more expensive than the water power option).

>> And you don’t need to do a massive overhaul of your car’s engine.

The simple technology behind water power cars works with almost any car or truck. And the parts are cheap and readily available almost anywhere in the world. You can also get an easy to use guide to do it yourself over the weekend.


As the cost of fuel continues to skyrocket with no end in sight, alternative energy systems are becoming more attractive. People want a way to save fuel and get better gas mileage.

USA residents can get IRS assistance, making this even more attractive. Details via the link below.

You’ll also see how the $1000 annual fuel savings figure is calculated. Depending on how many miles you travel, water power cars may even save more than that.

The Many Ways the Internet Impacts Car Sales – Will This Trend Continue?

With so many benefits of shopping for a car online, more and more consumers are beginning to do so. There are many benefits of shopping online for a new prestige cars:

1. The ability to learn more and compare options before visiting a dealership. Many people love the “no pressure” environment of the internet.

2. Negotiate with the dealership online, as opposed to in person. This is something that a lot of people are more comfortable doing. If you would rather communicate and negotiate via email, as opposed to in person or over the phone, you are in luck. Most dealerships make this a simple process.

3. Consumers are now able to compare details associated with multiple makes and models. In the past, this was not nearly as easy because you would have to visit one dealer after the next to collect all the proper information – this would lead to many hours of work. With the internet, you have the ability to collect data – from price to amenities – all within a matter of minutes.

Does it get any better than that? The Future Like it or not, the internet is here to stay. This is something that everybody in the automotive industry has to become familiar with. Consumers enjoy the ability to learn more and shop online. For this reason, manufacturers and dealers need to adjust their approach to ensure that they are marketing their products and services to consumers in the best way possible. For those interested in buying high performance cars online, there are several questions to ask before getting started:

1. What type of vehicle am I most interested in? It is good to have some idea of what you are looking for as you get started.

2. What is my budget? Like most consumers, you are probably working within a particular price range.

3. Is it in my best interest to shop and negotiate online or visit a dealer in person?

There are pros and cons of both, so be sure to compare both options. As you look back over the past few years, it is easy to see just how many ways the internet has impacted car sales. There is no reason to believe that this trend is not going to continue into the future. In closing, the internet has impacted car sales in many ways including but not limited to:

• The way that consumers search for information

• The process that a consumer follows when buying a new vehicle, luxury cars or not.

• The way that manufacturers and dealers market their products and services If you are involved in the automotive industry – no matter if you are a consumer or on the other side of the table – you need to realize that the continued used of the internet will likely lead to more changes for convertible cars and other types of cars in the future.