5 Uses For Chauffeur Driven Cars in London?

From business to pleasure, chauffeur driven cars for London visitors and residents provide a more enjoyable and luxurious experience. Rather than attempting to battle the congested traffic in the UK capital or having to rely on potentially crowded and sometimes unreliable public transport, chauffeur London driven limousines and executive cars enable you to sit back, relax, and unwind while seeing the incredible sights that London has to offer. A professional chauffeur will also ensure that you reach your destination on time while answering questions and avoiding traffic black spots. There are many reasons to use chauffeur driven cars in London.

1 – Wedding Transport

Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz limousines are synonymous with wedding transport. As well as using a single, luxurious limousine to transport the bridal party to and from the church or other venue, chauffeur driven cars in London are convenient and cost effective ways to transport other guests of honor between the major venues on the big day.

2 – Other Private Functions

As well as their use on a wedding day, chauffeur London driven limousines are also the perfect way to arrive at any private function. Whether you’re the guests of honor at an anniversary party or one of the guests at a major birthday bash, chauffeur driven cars in London allow you to arrive in style and make a lasting impression with all the guests. They are also the ideal compliment to a big surprise event.

3 – Business and Corporate Use

London is also well known as one of the world’s leading business and corporate event venues. Exhibitions, meetings, and seminars are held in hotels and exhibition centers throughout the capital and cars like the Mercedes Benz E Class, S Class, and V Class (Viano) provide the room and comfort that is required for traveling to these major events. Chauffeur driven cars in London are also perfect for use for corporate road shows and other similar events.

4 – Airport Transfers

Heathrow and Gatwick are two of the world’s busiest airports, servicing passengers from all around the world as well as residents of the incredible city. Using chauffeur driven cars in London for airport transfers is convenient, surprisingly cost effective, and the ideal way to end a potentially uncomfortable and lengthy flight.

5 – Shopping and Sightseeing

What better way could there be to see everything that London has to offer than being driven around in a luxury or prestige car by a professional chauffeur? Whether you’re visiting London to hit the major chain stores or boutiques, or if you’re visiting to see the monuments and landmarks that London is known for around the world, chauffeur driven cars in London are the greatest possible solution.

Things You Ought To Remember In Line With Prestige Car Leasing

Anybody who knows cars would recognize the Rolls-Royce as the ultimate symbol of luxury. Given their limited releases and customized features, Rolls Royce cars on sale fetch anywhere from $250,000 to $450,000. But their value goes beyond scarcity and looks. These vehicles actually boast advanced driving features and powerful engine performance, making them a close competitor of other luxury brands, such as BMW and Mercedes Benz. Some of its most famous series selections include the Rolls Royce Ghost and Rolls Royce Phantom.

Now, given the economic landscape, buying Rolls Royce cars on sale may not be the smartest thing to do. They are, after all, depreciating assets. And given their prices, you might just end up losing comfort, rather than gaining it with an investment that does not generate income, and will only be sporadically used. However, if you believe in it so much, there may be a way for you to satisfy your craving without breaking the bank. There are dealerships today that offer prestige car leasing in order to curb the negative effects of a brand new purchase, giving people a chance to enjoy a charmed life. To ensure though, that you are making the right transactions, here are a few tips you might want to go over.

First, know what you want. Start researching on your options. Don’t just allow yourself to get dictated. Test-drive the models, and then inspect it thoroughly. It would be best to get your own mechanic to survey. But this particular tip goes beyond determining the model of the Rolls Royce car you want to drive. Leasing entails a number of responsibilities and conditions. You could let the dealership offer you their best terms, or you could make your own. It’d be more convenient if you are able to secure the latter, since that would give you the chance to negotiate. As everyone knows, negotiation is the only way one can protect their own interest. Look into the maintenance and insurance requirements, especially, since you are bound to get a car that has been used by different people before. Consider the variables – penalties, extra fees, and interests – things that might affect your ability to honor the contract and the financial plan set out.

Second, take advantage of the competition. Shop around. Ask different resources to give you everything they could possibly offer. See, even though you are just getting prestige car leasing services, the money that entails is still significant. So you have to make sure your business is valued. Don’t look too eager to buy, since that would make agents less interested in winning you over. And don’t just limit yourself to your locality because you might find a better offer in the next town.

Third, work with someone who takes care of you. Affordability will not be much of an advantage if you end up dealing with a sales person who does not treat you respectfully and honestly. Remember that car leasing is tantamount to establishing a long term relationship with a dealer. The last thing you want to do is allow them to get access to your finances, withhold you of support and affection, and then take advantage of you until you lose confidence and quit. And when you think about it, the same thing actually goes when you are out to buy Rolls Royce cars for sale.

The Growth Of The Chinese Luxury Car Market

Traditionally, car manufacturers used to sell cars on their native continent. When globalization started to become a huge trend in the business world, roll-on/roll-off carriers, nicknamed “ro-ro”, were developed in order to easily load vehicles on vessels in order to bring them to far away countries. This little revolution was said to happen in the ’70s, with Japanese company K-Line building the first big car carrier, which would host up to 4 200 automobiles at a time.

Even though this mean of transportation is still being used today, other alternatives were found by car manufacturers to bring down costs and allow the avoidance of expensive customs’ taxes. Car giants developed manufacturing plants on most continents, often in emerging countries where a strong market potential was seen. This is now the case of China, which is still considered the top 1 business opportunity to explore for multinational companies.

Today, we will focus mainly on the luxury car market that is coveted by many.

Reasons to produce in China

Right now, imported cars have to get through a 25% tax: this alone makes them a lot less competitive than locally-produced cars. After adding the VAT, the price is simply outrageous for most consumers. The Chinese government is also very interested in bringing joint ventures to the country: companies can partner with local automotive companies, which gives a natural distribution expertise to the multinational manufacturer that wants to penetrate the Chinese distribution channels. After all, the mindset can be very different between Europe and Asia.

Big investments by luxury cars’ brands

Recently, a few big names decided to open huge manufacturing plants in China in order to offer competitively-priced prestige vehicles. Mercedes, for example, will invest 2 billion dollars in the coming years to establish a strong foothold in this 1.35 billion people market. GM, which produces the famous Cadillac, has also announced a 1.3 billion dollars’ contract to build a plant, which would allow the American company to produce and sell 150 000 units on a yearly basis.

McKinsey’s expectations are huge

It is expected that the Chinese luxury car market will reach 2.25 million units by 2016; in 2020, we’ll be talking about 3 million units. This quick growth makes this country a real Eldorado for those who have enough money to afford the expansion. Of course, one should not think that the competition is weak because of the many barriers to entry: German manufacturers BMW and Audi are already well established in China. Audi, for example, was already selling close to 236 000 prestige cars in 2012!

Very different trends from one ocean to another

Readers could be wondering why car manufacturers are suddenly having such a big interest for the Chinese market while multinationals have been dealing with the country for decades already. The reason is quite simple: the growth of the Chinese rich class is phenomenal. It took a while for the population to see the positive impacts of opening the market to the outside world. Between 2010 and 2020, though, it is said that the proportion of rich people (excluding the super-rich) will shift from 6% to 21%. It said that today already, this proportion is a lot higher than other BRIC countries – Brasil, Russia and India. Chinese people also feel a very strong pressure in regards to showing their social status, which translated into a strong popularity of luxury cars.

In North America, the market is slowly recovering from the 2008 crisis. Even though used luxury cars became a lot more popular in the last few years, manufacturers are started to breathe better. This is also related to the offering of cheaper prestige vehicles by many brands like Mercedes. More luxury cars are being sold right now in the USA in comparison to China, but analysts believe that China will dominate the statistics from 2016.

The biggest loser: Toyota and Lexus

Toyota Motor Corporation, which is the owner of the Lexus brand, has decided not to build a plant in China for the moment. The weakness of the Japanese yen makes it extremely expensive to invest abroad, comforting the strategy of shipping cars using huge naval carriers. The tensions between China and Japan are also very important: political resentment negatively affects the sales of Japanese cars in the country. Lexus was not able to sell more than 49 000 vehicles in 2012, a number that hardly justifies a new plant.

Where to Find Prestige Car Insurance

If you are lucky and wealthy enough to own a prestige car, you probably aren’t worrying too much about the price of your prestige car insurance. However, not all people who own these types of cars are loaded with extra cash that they can just throw away. Some people put their entire life’s savings into their dream car, and for people like these, getting the best price on insurance is important.

For the uninformed, a prestige car is not your usual type of car. They are works of art, collector’s items, and cars that are usually so expensive that most people would not think that insurance was even available. But, just like other drivers, drivers of prestige automobiles still have to abide by the laws of our country and they need insurance, too! So, that is why prestige car insurance is available.

A lot of the larger insurance companies do not offer this type of insurance. They have a list of vehicles that they are willing to insure, and a Bentley or a Rolls isn’t on that list. If you are the owner of a car like this, then you know how hard it is to find coverage, let alone affordable coverage.

Prestige car insurance is best bought online, where you can easily compare quotes from the different companies that offer this type of coverage. Because there aren’t a lot of companies, and the prices vary so much, it is important to compare before you buy.

Owning and driving a prestige car is one of the luxuries of life, but getting that car insured can be one of the hardest things you have ever done. Take the time to search out companies online that will insure your vehicle and you will be safe (and legal) to drive, feeling secure that if anything should happen to your baby, you will be compensated.