Prestige Car – Bentley

Initially cars were considered to be a luxury item. Over a period of time, cars have become necessity for many people all across the globe. But there is another level of people for whom car is a necessity as well as luxury. These people buy cars to add to their prestige. Big brand like Bentley is certainly a prestige car. Over years, Bentley prestige cars have been associated with luxury and class. Creative manpower assembles this car with so much of detail and hard work that the beauty of this brand comes out in much larger way. The beautiful detailing in the interiors and amazing exteriors of this car make it look like tailor made for people who have got the privilege to own it and use it. If we look at the history of this brand then Bentley actually started when W. O. Bentley started selling cars. Surprising part is that at that time the cars sold by W. O. Bentley were not his own cars. He always wanted to make cars and sell them however initially he sold other cars. With his hard work and dedication, finally he started his line of cars under the brand name of Bentley Motors Ltd. This started in year 1919 however the first car was out in 1921. The reason was that at those times most of the things were done by workmen rather than machines and a lot of detailing was involved in making a car at that time.

With passage of time, new innovations started taking place. Bentley started using aluminium pistons in order to make them light. Almost from initial days Bentley has been a car of desire for wealthy people and a separate class was given to this brand. With brand and class some difficulties came in. Due to depression in the market people stopped buying these out of world experience cars as they were very expensive. That is time when Bentley sold out to Rolls Royce and there on this new company started selling out these cars. That is the time when things changed for this brand. And once again people started showing more interest in buying these models. There are numerous people across the globe ready to own these masterpieces at any cost. People who have taste for vintage and heritage always want at least one Bentley model in their collection. What magic and what show! If you have the entire classic models but are missing a Bentley then you are missing real heritage. These cars are actually prestige cars and have got great history attached to them.

With the kind of detailing and attention which goes in the interiors and exteriors of this car, people find them very fascinating. These cars are a ideal example of beauty and classic attraction. The continental, Mulsannes, Turbos and Azures are till date considered to be one of the best cars released in the market. These cars are expensive but the pleasure of owning one of these beauties is much beyond the cost attached to them.

Super Exotic Sports Cars – What You Should Know, Before Spending Any Money!

Before we start, let’s define the term ‘super exotic sports cars’. Sports cars, by definition are borderline racing cars; boasting powerful performance and sleek looks. Their prestige makes them expensive, and thus the domain of a select few. With reference to sports cars, the term “exotic” refers to vehicles produced in very limited numbers. This of course increases their exclusivity and by virtue of this, their value. Exotic sports cars will, in all likelihood, be built by smaller manufacturers or perhaps the super high-end vehicles will be created by some of the better-known car companies outside of the United States, as exclusive models.

Many exotic sports cars are the stuff of legend. The world’s fastest car, the McLaren F1, for instance is a well-known exotic. Although only around one hundred F1s were produced and the manufacturer is not a household name (outside of the Grand Prix circuits of course), the McLarens are coveted sports cars. All exotic sports cars are highly sought after and, as status symbols, are second to none in the sports car world.

But, assuming that you can afford it, is an exotic sports car for you?

It is easy to be seduced by the allure of owning an exotic sports car. Owning one can be very tempting. Amongst the purists, the cars themselves are often considered the pinnacle of design. Any enthusiast who has the means will tell you that when an opportunity to invest in an exotic sports car presents itself, resistance can be very difficult.

One should try and be objective about the proposition though.

Before making such a major commitment, there are three factors you should consider.

Exotic Sports Cars Are Very Expense

The cost of owning such a prestigious car, does not end when you part with the initial payment. Even if one can afford the initial asking price of an exotic (and not many can), one needs to be aware of the likely ongoing running expenses , which can be significant. The maintenance and repair of an exotic car is certain to be expensive compared to non-exotic vehicles and a buyer should attempt to discover what kind of costs he or she is likely to experience in order to keep the car in running order. There can be no cost cutting on parts for these high end vehicles.

Parts for prestige cars are likely to be in short supply, if they are available at all. The likelihood that the owners of exotic sports cars will need to have some parts custom made during their ownership of the vehicle is quite high. And the cost will be significant. This is especially true of older exotics, many of which will have been orphaned when their original manufacturer stopped making cars. Not only will this prove extremely expensive, one can also expect it to be time consuming as well. And, as time passes, the necessary investment will only become greater.

Your usual mechanic cannot be expected to be able to repair exotic sports cars. You will need specialised mechanics with specialised tools to be able to ensure that appropriate and professional repairs are carried out. Not only will such individuals be, in all probability much more expensive than your usual mechanics, you would be very fortunate if you found one in your town. You should expect to have to do a lot of traveling in order to find suitable mechanical help.

All too often a sports car buff will purchase an exotic, without though to the ongoing costs, and, as a consequence be completely unprepared to handle additional future expenses. A thorough planning of expected costs and the means to meet those costs would certainly be in order.

Reliability Of High End Vehicles

Even though an exotic sports car may represent the ultimate in performance, One cannot assume that it will also be reliable. This will hold particularly true for the older ‘classic’ exotic cars. As with any high performance machine, exotic sports cars can be quite delicate (temperamental) which will, in all probability, require that you, or someone close to you be regularly on hand to make the adjustments to ensure that the vehicle stays in operating order. Exotic sports cars are well known for the spectacular side of their performance when they running well. However, the other side of the coin is that they are notorious for being among the most temperamental of vehicles that one may encounter.

If you plan to run an exotic sports car on a regular basis, you should be prepared for the highs and los of motoring. The sublime feeling of driving a top car with top performance can often be forgotten if the same car stops and refuses to start many miles from any assistance.

The Drivability of Exotic Cars

Most owners of high performance cars will tell you that such vehicles take ‘some getting used too’. Optimum performance comes at a price, and will depend very largely on the skill of the driver. So, if you are relatively inexperienced, then please do not expect to get the best out of your car straight away. This in itself could prove too frustrating for many potentials owners. One should also take into account the relative risk of driving a high performance cars whilst still inexperienced.

For those to whom the additional cost of time in learning to drive a prestige car optimally and safely is not an issue, an additional, problem arises in the adjustment of seats and pedals for example. Small things that are irrelevant in normal cars take on much greater significance when applied to exotic sports cars.

When considering the purchase of an exotic sports car, one must look past the romance and excitement of owning a legendary vehicle. There are real concerns and obstacles to be overcome before the full enjoyment and benefit of owning such a car can be achieved.