Decisions, Decisions – Choosing the Right Type of Car

When choosing the right car the options are endless. You need to think seriously before buying a car as making the wrong decision will cost you time and money. First thing we need to look at is your price range. How much money can you afford to spend on the vehicle without overstretching yourself. Take into account the running costs of the car you’re thinking of buying. Is it a sports car with high insurance and low miles per gallon, can you really afford that? Buying a sports car can be great for your image but lousy for your pocket!

Do you have a family to think about? The kids may think it’s a great idea to buy a nice new Porsche but what is the wife going to say? So let’s get our rational heads on and choose wisely. So what vehicle type and body style do you need? Your passenger a load carrying needs and lifestyle will come into play. Do you need four seats or six, hatchback or a saloon? Perhaps sometimes you need eight seats in which case you will need an MPV.

Are you looking for petrol or diesel engine? Modern diesel engines are quiet clean and quick and made. for around a quarter of the UK new car market last year. Diesel cars tend to cost more than petrol cars but hold their value better and are more economical. Some diesels offer a whopping 65 miles per gallon as opposed to 35 miles per gallon for petrol equivalents. With the introduction of hybrids economy wise we have never had it so good. You may be thinking about your carbon footprint in which case you would look for a hybrid or electric car.

Next you need to check on what features and equipment you need on your next car. Do you spend a lot of time behind the wheel? If so then you will be looking for a car which is comfortable, perhaps a prestige car. You may wish for a car that has satellite navigation built in or air conditioning, make a note of the essentials that you need. Grab a pen and paper in and write a list with the following four columns across the top of the page feature, essential, desirable, and unimportant. Next underneath feature write the following features highest safety rating, strong image, manufacturer reputation, design, miles per gallon, reliability, performance, cost of road tax, cost of car tax, low insurance group, fun to drive, low CO2 emissions, value for money, room for five adults, lots of load space, comfort, ease of use, long warranty cover and fuel economy.

Next tick the boxes that apply to you, this will give you a better understanding of what you are looking for. The choices of makes and models of vehicles is huge so do your homework and your research before hand.